Wagoneers were workingmaking ideas happen. When inside his office Pete’scalendar was looming, Not long until December whengift giving’s booming. He called a meeting andgathered a team, For the annual challenge thatmakes creatives beam.
“Christmas is coming, and weneed a gift! For our clients and friends,something they can’t resist.” “I’ve got the answer!” Said oneWagoneer, “Let’s give out jam andchutney this year!” “Perfect!” said Pete, “that’sjust what we need”, Three jars should do,and it was agreed, One for each servicewould be sublime, A jar for strategy,tech and design.
“But does that make sense?”,the execs wondered, “Of course it does!”,the strategists thundered! We stick to our strategy likejam sticks to bread, If we didn’t do that thiscompany would be dead! A delicious jam needs agood mix of taste, And our strategists work withno time to waste, They develop a plan like awell-balanced recipe, For a winning campaign thatruns successfully.
The designers thought,what should we do? They got togetherto think it through, “We need ideas!”said Kris VP, “Something cool with a tastyguarantee”, “Definitely!” they said,“it cannot be bland, It's got to show our designswill boost your brand! Let’s take a classic andmake it our own, A chutney everyonecan enjoy at home, A flavour that givescheese and crackers a kick, Pomegranate and appleshould do the trick.”
“No, we don’t do jams”the tech team stated, “A jam in the systemis something hated, We don’t like jams,we’ll do a preserve A jam-free service iswhat we work to serve” And just as usualto bring it together Our helpful execscame to organise better. The team agreed and theplan became final, With plenty of timebefore December’s arrival, But it wouldn’t be rightwithout a last minute request, Of course Pete had one more thingto suggest!
“That’s great!” said Pete,“but it’s not complicated enough, We need to removeany plastic stuff.” So we planned yourpresent with extra care, To make sure therewas no rubbish in there.
Everyone smiled but there wasno time to stop, And just like elves inSanta’s workshop, They crafted these jarsand sent them through, As a way for us to saythank you, to you, For your business, yourfriendship and so much more, We hope that next year willhave more in store. Seasons Greetings from usand a Happy New Year, We’ll be back after shut downwith even more cheer!